Switch Request

Students who would like to e-mail the entire studio in the hopes of a temporary lesson switch should fill out the form below. The sooner you know of a conflict, the more likely it is that someone will be able to switch lesson day/times with you. 

By submitting this form, you authorize parents or students of ATS! to contact you via e-mail regarding a lesson switch. Anyone who is able to take your regular lesson day/time will e-mail you back with their lesson day/time. 

It is your responsibility to let Eliza Stubbs know when a switch has been confirmed.

NOTE: You may still switch lessons even if your lesson length doesn't match. For example, John has a 45min lesson and needs to switch. Emma offers her lesson, a 30min slot. John and Emma can still switch lessons as long as John agrees to a shortened lesson. However, the switch will not effect Emma's lesson length

Don't forget to log those practice hours! 

A young Joshua Bell performing the third movement of the Wieniawski violin concerto in F#minor