Why should I enroll?


Music has been a topic of conversation in many scientific fields and studies. There are numerous benefits to learning an instrument and participating in a music ensemble. Besides developing cognitive and logic skills, students who learn an instrument generally score higher on standardized tests and show a greater appreciation for the arts. Learning to play an instrument builds coordination and an awareness of the body. This is especially helpful to young children who are still learning to use their basic motor skills. But, learning to play an instrument is not only beneficial to young students, older students can benefit as well! I am often pleasantly surprised at how much my older student’s profit.

The decision to enroll in weekly music lessons is a large commitment. Time and effort of both student and parent are often required as young children will need parental guidance to ensure progression. You should consider the benefits of childhood musical experiences before you make this decision for your child. If your child has requested to be enrolled in lessons, take the time to explain the seriousness of their decision. While playing an instrument is fun, nothing comes without work. Unfortunately, many beginning students do not realize how difficult taking up an instrument can be and tend to quit rather quickly. It is a shame to lose students because of improper motivation--parents, be prepared to play an active role in your child’s musical studies.

If your child is required to learn an instrument in school, private lessons will ensure that he/she stays ahead of the game. While they are not required for most school programs, private lessons are strongly recommended and as a teacher, I have seen the tremendous benefits they provide.

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