Fun and Useful Links!

Seman Violins
in Skokie, great for renting instruments or local repair!

William Harris Lee in both Wilmette and downtown Chicago. They provide quality instruments to rent or own as well as quality repair!

Peter Yang in Wilmette also rents instruments (Violin, Viola, and Cello).

Carl Becker and Son downtown. For advanced students looking to purchase or for repair.

Michael Becker also sells/repairs  instruments for advanced students. He offers a rent to own program too!

Cassandra Strings in Evanston and Algonquin has a wide variety of student instruments for purchase. Rentals available too! 

Piano Tuners/Dealers:
Heavenly Pianos offers a variety of services! Buy, sell, repair and tune pianos of all types and sizes.
Gus Roddy tunes pianos for churches in Evanston. He is very knowledgeable and keeps diligent records of his clients. He will contact you to remind you when your piano is due for a tuning

Andrew Georgas tunes pianos for Northwestern. All of their instruments are in very good condition-he comes highly recommended.

Steinway of Chicago sells Steinway pianos. They also rent pianos!

Sheet Music: 
Performers Music
downtown, if you don't want to wait for Amazon to send your music, head downtown, they have a fabulous selection of repertoire!

Shar Music online. This is a great resource for anything from strings to cases. Shar often has online specials and other sales to take advantage of as well.

Youth Orchestras: 
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

Midwest Young Artists.

Summer fun at the Ravinia Festival! Note--classical concerts are free for children and students with high school or college ID.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The Civic Orchestra is considred the "training orchestra" for the Chicago Symphony. All of their concerts are $2.00, what a bargin!

Other Fun Stuff:
Some games and quizzes to keep you on your toes:

Here is a great article on the benefits of learning a musical instrument:

A great read on successful practice!

This is probably the funniest video that I have seen to date concerning violin music. Thank you Perlman for having a great sense of humor!

Look! Even Mickey Mouse was a violinist!

Willie Hall! If you haven't seen this, it is a must and a favorite for many of my students!

Don't forget to log those practice hours! 

A young Joshua Bell performing the third movement of the Wieniawski violin concerto in F#minor