Information for the First Lesson

The first lesson can sometimes be a little nerve-wrecking for little musicians. But, don't worry, I am friendly and I promise not to bite! This lesson is considered a trial lesson and is always free of charge. Our first lesson will probably be no longer than a half-hour regardless of level or age.

Here are a list of things you will need:

1. Your rented instrument and accessories (NOT for piano students):
    a. Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass
    b. Bow
    c. Case
    d. Rosin
    e. Shoulder rest/sponge (for Violin and Viola)
    f. rock-stop (for cello)

2. A "lesson-only" notebook (wide-ruled or college are both OK)

3. Any sheet music previously discussed

4. Read the Studio Policies

5. Fill out the online Information Form  so that I may collect some general information about you.