Studio Handbook (abridged version) for the full version, please click here.

Students enrolled in the All Things Strings! studio participate in weekly private lessons, competitions, performance classes, dress rehearsals, and two studio recitals per year. The decision to enroll in weekly music lessons is a large commitment. Time and effort from both student and parent are often required as young children will need parental guidance to ensure progress. You should consider the benefits of childhood musical experiences before you make this commitment for your child. If your child has requested to be enrolled in lessons, take the time to explain the seriousness of their decision. While playing an instrument is fun, nothing comes without work. Parents, be prepared to play an active role in your child’s musical studies.  
 1. Violin/Viola/Cello students need:

-Your instrument, bow, and case
-Shoulder rest (or rock stop for cellists)
-Agreed upon music (you are responsible for costs associated with sheet music)
-Music stand for home practice 

Piano students need: 

-Access to a multi-octave piano for home practice—you must be able to play and hear more than one key at a time
-Agreed upon music (you are responsible for costs associated with sheet music)  

2. Online student portal access will be needed to keep track of:

-Weekly assignments (or a “lesson-only notebook”) and downloadable worksheets
-Lesson and events calendar
-Practice hours to be logged weekly 
-Questions for Eliza
-Account balance

3. You are expected to maintain your instrument in a playing condition that facilitates technical study and encourages good music making.  

-Piano students must maintain their home instruments with yearly tunings (or more as needed) and adjustments  
-String students are expected to maintain the following: bow re-hairs, strings, open seams, sound post adjustment, and peg adjustments as needed. If you are renting, your luthier will take care of all necessary adjustments and repairs

4. A good attitude!  

-Students register for an entire 11 week (or 10 week for the summer) term and must commit to a weekly lesson time for the duration of the term

-There are two studio recitals each year. Your tuition includes all recital fees, so attendance at both recitals is recommended
-In order to receive make-up credit, all cancellations must be made with at least 24-hours notice
-Returning students receive two make-up credits per term (new students receive one per term). If you miss a make-up lesson for any reason, no other lessons will be arranged.
-Make-up credits expire at the end of each term and cannot be exchanged for a cash refund

-The cost of tuition varies depending on lesson length. I currently offer 30min, 45min, and 60min weekly lessons
-Payments may be made in full at the first lesson of each new term
-You may also choose to pay in three installments for an additional fee
-There is a $10.00 per lesson late fee added for every lesson after a missed payment
-The current cost of tuition paid in full is:

30min weekly lessons$448.50 (11 wks of lessons at $38.50 each, plus recital fee)
45min weekly lessons$509.00 (11 wks of lessons at $44.00 each, plus recital fee)
60min weekly lessons$630.00 (11 wks of lessons at $55.00 each, plus recital fee)

Parent Expectations    
-Parent involvement--though not necessary, is welcome!
-Please refrain from interfering with the learning process by distracting your child or interrupting during a lesson
-All questions may be addressed at the end of the lesson, by email, or by phone

Withdrawal and Refund Policy  
-You may withdraw from lessons at any time.
-A prorated refund will be issued, minus 25% regardless of the number of lessons remaining (unless you choose to pay your tuition in installments).
-If you choose to pay in installments, no refunds will be made on payments already processed regardless of the number of lessons remaining.